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Starry Sky
Starry Sky
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Welcome to 
Soul Portal Journeys

I’m Renee Varnadore, Astrologer, Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

  As a Soul on a Spiritual path, you may have questions about your Journey!  My readings, Live with you on Zoom, will give you a larger perspective which brings you clarity.

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About 5 years ago, I recognized that being my authentic self is a big part of why I chose to come to Earth during this time of transition. I have had different names for this “authentic self”, the Soulful Self, the Higher Self or lately I resonate with Multidimensional Self.

Studying hundreds of people’s astrology charts has helped me realize that each one of us is unique. This opened a Soul Portal for me to see that the rest of the world doesn’t have to understand me in order for me to be happy. Some people will resonate with my experience and I am making myself available to be of service to those interested in discovering their essence. This Essence of each of us can be intuitively seen in the birth chart.

I have found my Essence deep within my heart where Soul resides. That part of us that knows we are not just this one body in time and space. Our essence is our connection to Divine Source, The Universe, God, Goddess, Our Higher Power. Whatever name you have for the connection you seek, know it is already within you.

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Understanding Your Soul Gifts

Galactic Astrology Soul Readings help you grasp and integrate the insights you are opening to at this time in Divine Timing. What you are experiencing on a Soul level is reflected in your Astrology birth chart. I look primarily at your Stars that relate to the Archangels to determine who your strongest Spiritual guides are.  I look at your Cosmic Points to help you claim your power, so that you can claim your Sovereignty. Thanks to understanding Galactic Astrology, I no longer fear my power; I trust that I come from the Power of Love, not the love of power.

For me Galactic Astrology is an expansion of our perspectives. It helps me understand the Essence of You and your unique gifts. My readings will show you how to integrate and use these gifts to help others. By learning to embody who we really are, we all can heal.

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Voice of Wisdom

Our minds hold old false beliefs and patterns that sabotage us as we expand. This Free Gift helps us see our Saboteur and how it can dissolve when we tune into Wisdom.

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What Soul question are you currently wrestling with?

   Galactic Astrology Soul Reading

$ 275 USD for 90


Healing and embodiment with the  planets and stars in your Galactic Astrology  chart·      


Clearing karma     


Healing sacred wounds·      


Taking Back Your Power·      


Guided Meditations·      


Unpacking Spiritual Awakening Transits·      


Galactic Heritage Card readings    


Angel Card readings

Here are things we could explore when you book a Live on Zoom Recorded Reading and Visual Presentation:    

Pay through PayPal on my Calendar link above


"I translate the cosmic language of Astrology, so that you can open into more of who you Truly are."

Renee Varnadore is a Certified Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner in Galactic Astrology Soul Reading through the program created by Julia Balaz. Click my affiliate link here to view her programs.

$555 USD

Regularly $656

You Save $101

Deep Dive: 3 Session Package

Pay through PayPal on my Calendar link above

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Understanding Your Life Journey from a Higher Perspective
Session 1 (60 minutes)

When you see the big picture of your life, you have the opportunity to make the unconscious conscious. Then you can claim sovereignty of your life at a higher vibrational frequency.

Understand the Energies and Archetypal patterns that you work with in Life. I use my clairvoyance and Intuitive knowing when I look at your birth chart, to see your active archetypal patterns, your natal planets and how they relate to Stars, Cosmic points and other transmissions of Light to see the multiple dimensions of who you truly are. Then you can work with your opportunities and gifts at a higher vibrational frequency.

We start session 1 by connecting to the strongest Archangel in your chart. Then we look at 4 Cosmic points and how they relate to your empowerment. Then we look at one star system that is important for your unfoldment at this time.

Soul work will be given between sessions to help you embody the information.

Deep Dive into Soul Level
Session 2 (60 minutes)

An Opportunity to Heal and clear Karma for yourself, your ancestral lineage and Evolving Humanity.

We will discover and work through old, low density belief structures and open new portals that are invitations for your growth as Soul.

I can use my skills as a Certified Spiritual Card Reader, (I have been reading Tarot since 1985) I will pull the Divinely guided cards for you from the "Galactic Heritage Cards" These cards help us see our role in humanities evolution at this time.

I will send you a picture of your card reading before your session. We will also discuss how your Integration and embodiment Soul work is going.

I will give you an "Eye of the Heart" meditation to practice with as Soul Work, so that you can step into Session 3 with more clarity.

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7 session 3_edited.jpg

Journey into the Eye of the Heart and through the Cosmos. Exploring your innermost heart. The most high is the innermost.

Session 3 (90 minutes)

Integrating and Embodying the Stars and Cosmic Points Within You.

Galactic Soul Reading
3 Session Package for $555 USD

Regularly $656 USD

You Save $101

Pay through PayPal on my Calendar link above

Your Archangel Star

30-minute Archangel Astrology Reading
$ 111 USD

Discover which of the four major Archangels has a strong connection to your Astrology Chart. Is it Archangel Gabriel and the Star Fomalhaut? Perhaps Archangel Michael and the Star Aldebaran? Maybe the strongest is Archangel Raphael and the star Regulus? You may have the strongest connection to the huge star Antares and Archangel Uriel. 
In your session we will start with a meditation to connect you to the strongest Archangel in your chart. Then I will show you which Heavenly body in your birth chart is connected to your Archangel. And how this can affect you on both a Soul Level and your daily life experience.

Pay through PayPal on my Calendar link above



What Clients are saying : "The Galactic Astrology Soul Reading Gave Me a Higher Perspective of My Life"

The Galactic Astrology reading is very valuable to me. It explains a lot such as why I get so frustrated when my manifestations take so long. Coming from other planets where manifestations were easier and quicker and having a deep knowing that instant healing and manifesting are possible and earth is slower, I have more patience and self-compassion. Just that knowledge is worth the reading. Thank you Renee for allowing me the gift of your talents.

Johane Sinclaire, Canada

Renee’s reading with the Galactic Astrology format was the first time an astrology chart really made sense. She was very thorough and went into detail about various relationships of the planets. I think she has a real gift in this and I am looking forward to other friends having Renee read.

Phillip Cohen, Artist, California, USA

Renee created a beautiful and profound astrological report for me that resonated with me in so many ways, explaining some things in new ways I already know thanks to other systems like Human Design and The Gene Keys - but also shedding light on things I have only been vaguely aware of. 
Renee also shared intriguing new information that has taken some time to digest. Some of it is coming to my awareness in perfect time now, making so much sense and assists me with moving forward.
I am very grateful to Renee for her dedication and wisdom and how she shared this information with me."

Maria, Heart Song Activation & Coaching

The galactic astrology reading with Renee Varnadore has been transformational for me - I literally felt myself slipping back into myself as the session started. The knowledge and wisdom Renee shared from her learnings, my charts, and her intuition connected so many \dots for me. There was such comfort in hearing things like my mother started her new journey on the day she transitioned (the first day of spring) as that day was also a new beginning for me. What a gift! The clarity around some of my own wounding also being a universal wound literally took a weight off my shoulders. I cannot fully describe what an impact this reading has had on me, and I know that my learning and healing that began during this reading will continue for some time to come. I will definitely be coming back for more!

Brenda Jensen, Reiki Master, Edmonton, Canada

Renee’s in-depth look into my Galactic Astrology was incredibly enlightening.
I was taken on a journey that gave me a tremendous understanding of my life in probably the most profound way possible…like why I do what I do, or take the paths I have. Both comforting and challenging….reminding me of what is important…and to always have faith and hope (which is not anything new for me and now I know why!)
Truly ponder your question before your session and Renee will open up a world to you that you never new existed, one that will help you understand, grow and completely appreciate who you really are.

Sheila Rosen,
San Diego, CA

I’ve participated in Renee’s teaching programs, and have also had several one-on-one astrology readings. Whether as a student or a private client, I deeply appreciate Renee’s in-depth knowledge of spiritual traditions that have been unfamiliar to me. Her courses are enlightening, and her astrology readings have provided me with clarity about astrological factors that impact my life, and guidance to build on strengths and work around challenges. I’m so grateful to have access to Renee’s wisdom!

Bonnie Hutchinson
Mentor, Coach and Teacher for Women in their Wisdom Years

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

I would highly recommend Renee to someone who was interested in deepening their spiritual nature and is curious about how to work with energy. Renee has in incredibly big heart, holds integrity for herself and her clients, knows how to create a safe and sacred space and is very creative in her presentations and work with clients. She is totally dedicated to rising the vibration of this planet through working with clients as they seek to clear blocks and move into their life purpose and work.

Melody Long, Spiritual Coach, Oregon

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