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Free Monthly
New Moon Ceremony

Live on Zoom with Renee Varnadore

I invite you to join our monthly New Moon Ceremony.

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Spiritual Seekers and Creatives

Are you seeing your life in a new way after your Spiritual Awakening?

Do you want to learn to Trust your Intuition?

Welcome wherever you are on your Spiritual Journey

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Does this sound familiar?

Your mind gets in your way when you meditate or create.

You don’t know if it is your ego still running your life.

You struggle to connect and prioritize your ideas and insights.

You need practice learning to use your Spiritual eyes and your Spiritual senses.

You want support as you step with Courage into the responsibility of your Gifts.

You wonder if there are others like you with whom you can collaborate.

You may want to:

  • Embody More Clarity

  • Access your Soul guidance more easily

  • Know which inspirations to focus on

  • Know your Soul purpose on the planet at this time

  • Release the old patterns that no longer serve you

  • Stay Consciously Awake


You're ready to:

Have confidence in the decisions you make
Embrace the courage to speak your Truth in a bigger way
Stop fighting those who cannot see and hear you
Embody a sense of Wholeness and Sacred Union
Converse with other conscious people

A Glimpse of Me

My Journey


I have always been connected to The Divine Source. I saw Angels and Spirit Guides at age 3. By high school I was meditating daily.

I have been reading Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards since 1985. Then I began attending Spiritualist classes, where I worked Spiritual healing and received messages from Spirit Guides.

I began collecting Energy Healing Certifications in 2015 which cleared and opened my chakras so that I could access my deepest wisdom. This allowed me to flow with Life force and the Love within me. It opened access to Soul wisdom as well as channeled downloads.

I also study Astrology. I took many foundation classes and then worked with a mentor to deepen my practice.

While teaching my Soul Portal Journeys free classes on Mondays for the last 2 years online, I have developed a gift for leading meditations that open Soul Portals for people.

I would be honored to help guide you on to your own deep wisdom.


Testimonial from Melody Long, Spiritual Mentor, who participated in the course

"Find Your Angel"

I highly recommend Renee to someone who was interested in deepening their spiritual nature and is curious about how to work with energy. Renee has in incredibly big heart, holds integrity for herself and her clients, knows how to create a safe and sacred space and is very creative in her presentations and work with clients. She is totally dedicated to rising the vibration of this planet through working with clients as they seek to clear blocks and move into their life purpose and work.

Opportunities for Learning

FREE Resources


Check out some of the classes I teach on my YouTube Channel.

Facebook Group

If you are on Facebook, I invite you to join my group of like-minded people, Soul Portal Journeys Sisterhood.

How to Work With Me

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Essence of You

Deepend into Your Self-Awareness

Everything is Energy. Your Astrology Chart is a Map that shows your unique patterns and lessons you as Soul come to Earth to learn. The planets, Sun and Moon are archetypal patterns that guide us and give us reminders of what we as Soul came here to embody.

Intuitive Astrology Reading

Open New Self Awareness

Discover the essence of who you truly are - by looking at the what planets were holding archetypal patterns at the moment of your birth.

Compare your birth chart with what was happening in the sky during a key moment in your life to help you understand your Personal Spiritual Journey more deeply.

Discover on a soul level how what is happening with the planets now is effecting your birth chart, your personal map for navigating your life and discovering your changing Soul Purpose.

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue on the Soul Portal Map_edited_edited.jpg

Spiritual Card Readings

Connect More Deeply with Your Angels

I offer both Archangel Card Readings and Spiritual Insights Card Readings.

I use The Soul Portal Map, a card spread I created to help you understand what cycle you are in on a Soul level.

Readings with The Soul Portal Map will help you get clarity regarding opportunities opening in your Life.

I also read the Archetypal patterns in Tarot cards. I can help you see how the Tarot corresponds to your Astrology chart.

Individualized Guided Meditation

Holding Space for Your Powerful Light to Shine

I intuitively listen to your dreams and struggles and then lead you in a guided meditation. I hold space for you to discover your own Soul Wisdom through the Eye of the Heart. We can travel the Akashic records, the Violet Flame of Transmutation, or connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides who are opening the door for you to take your next step in developing your intuition.

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