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I have always been connected to The Divine Source. I saw Angels and Spirit Guides at age 3. By high school I was Meditating daily.

I have been reading Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards since 1985. At this time, I began attending Spiritualist classes, where I worked Spiritual healing and received messages from my Spirit Team.

I began collecting Energy Healing Certifications in 2015 which cleared and opened my chakras so that I could access my deepest wisdom. I began flowing with the Life force of Love within me, opening access to Soul wisdom as well as channeled downloads.

Ever since I had a profound Opening of my deepest Heart, activated by a Life changing Astrological transit; I began studying Astrology in earnest. My download was overwhelming and took years to unpack. I am commited to helping others understand their Spiritual Awakening Transits.

I took many Astrology foundation classes and then worked with a mentor to deepen my practice and understanding of what our charts show us about what our lessons are on a Soul level. I see the lines of energy in Astrology charts and intuitively understand the archetypes at play in your birth chart and in the key events that shape your Spiritual Journey.

When I began Galactic Astrology Practitioners Course from Quantum Soul Guidance, my perspective broadened. I not only understand my role as an awake Soul at this time, but the evolutionary patterns helping humanity evolve at this time are healing me and helping me impart information and transmissions to you about your Soul Journey.

While teaching my Soul Portal Journeys classes for the last 4 years online, I have developed a gift for leading meditations that open Soul Portals for people.

I would be honored to help guide you to your own deep wisdom.



The galactic astrology reading with Renee Varnadore has been transformational for me - I literally felt myself slipping back into myself as the session started. The knowledge and wisdom Renee shared from her learnings, my charts, and her intuition connected so many \dots for me. There was such comfort in hearing things like my mother started her new journey on the day she transitioned (the first day of spring) as that day was also a new beginning for me. What a gift! The clarity around some of my own wounding also being a universal wound literally took a weight off my shoulders. I cannot fully describe what an impact this reading has had on me, and I know that my learning and healing that began during this reading will continue for some time to come. I will definitely be coming back for more!

Brenda Jensen, Reiki Master, Canada

Renee’s in-depth look into my Galactic Astrology was incredibly enlightening.
I was taken on a journey that gave me a tremendous understanding of my life in probably the most profound way possible…like why I do what I do, or take the paths I have. Both comforting and challenging…reminding me of what is important…and to always have faith and hope (which is not anything new for me and now I know why!)
Truly ponder your question before your session and Renee will open up a world to you that you never knew existed, one that will help you understand, grow and completely appreciate who you really are.

Sheila Rosen, California, USA

The Galactic Astrology reading is very valuable to me. It explains a lot such as why I get so frustrated when my manifestations take so long. Coming from other planets where manifestations were easier and quicker and having a deep knowing that instant healing and manifesting are possible and earth is slower, I have more patience and self-compassion. Just that knowledge is worth the reading. Thank you, Renee, for allowing me the gift of your talents.

Johane Sinclaire, Canada

"Renee’s reading with the Galactic Astrology format was the first time an astrology chart really made sense. She was very thorough and went into detail about various relationships of the planets. I think she has a real gift in this and I am looking forward to other friends having Renee read.”

Phillip Cohen, Artist , California, USA

I’ve participated in Renee’s teaching programs, and have also had several one-on-one astrology readings. Whether as a student or a private client, I deeply appreciate Renee’s in-depth knowledge of spiritual traditions that have been unfamiliar to me. Her courses are enlightening, and her astrology readings have provided me with clarity about astrological factors that impact my life, and guidance to build on strengths and work around challenges. I’m so grateful to have access to Renee’s wisdom!

Bonnie Hutchinson
Mentor, Coach and Teacher for Women in their Wisdom Years

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

I would highly recommend Renee to someone who was interested in deepening their spiritual nature and is curious about how to work with energy. Renee has in incredibly big heart, holds integrity for herself and her clients, knows how to create a safe and sacred space and is very creative in her presentations and work with clients. She is totally dedicated to rising the vibration of this planet through working with clients as they seek to clear blocks and move into their life purpose and work.

Melody Long, Spiritual Coach, Oregon, USA

"Renee created a beautiful and profound astrological report for me that resonated with me in so many ways, explaining some things in new ways I already know thanks to other systems like Human Design and The Gene Keys - but also shedding light on things I have only been vaguely aware of. 
Renee also shared intriguing new information that has taken some time to digest. Some of it is coming to my awareness in perfect time now, making so much sense and assists me with moving forward.
I am very grateful to Renee for her dedication and wisdom and how she shared this information with me."

Maria, Heart Song Activation & Coaching

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