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Follow Your Soulful Guidance

so you can liberate yourself from ego

This Program is for you if you feel a YES to any of these:

You've been following your Soul Guidance but now something has changed

You know what your guidance is - but you are not following it and you are feeling stuck,

frustrated or overwhelmed

You are not sure if the guidance you receive is from your Soul or your ego

You don't know how to find your Soul Guidance, but you want to

Following everyone else's advice hasn't been working and you want to follow

your own unique, authentic path by looking within

You Are working a 12 step Program

You feel you are either not enough or too much

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3 In This Program you will Ancient Teachings.png

In this Program you will Learn to:

Empower & Heal

  • Work with ancient wisdom in today's language as we move out of Ego and into Soul

  • See within your deepest Heart through guided meditations to access your Soul wisdom

  • Learn to see when you are in judgement and return to Self-Love and compassion for others

  • Let go of fixed beliefs and open to seeing what you need to know

  • Recognize when you are in fear and step into courage

  • Recognize when you are in duality and find an opening to a different way

  • Realize the root cause of your cravings so you don't act on them

  • Realize when you are lying to yourself and step into Truth

  • Recognize when you are being Influenced and know that everything you seek is within you

  • Take back your Power

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As a result of working this 9-month program you can experience the following results:

Know your Soulful Self on a deeper level
Know that you are not broken
Heal, physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually
Know you are standing in abundance
Shine Your Light
Align with Divine Will
Allow Divine source to move through you as you flow through Life with Grace
Be Peaceful, Joyous and Free
Know that All is Well
Give Your Unique Gifts
Live Your Purpose

Program Details

  • This is deep work! it takes time to rebirth Ourselves - so we are devoting 9 months to this transformational process

  • We begin October 2022 

  • We will meet in a group twice a month. This gives us time for integration between sessions (We will not meet during December holidays) 

  • We will look at Ego Powers versus Living as our Soulful Self. We will take back our Power in order to live a Soul Led life

  • We will use ancient teachings as a model to free ourselves. 

  • We will do deep meditations with energetic codes together

  • We will keep a Mindfulness Journal to track our Ego/Shadow activations which give us an opportunity to free ourselves and step into the light of our Soulful Self

  • We will sing, dance and play as part of our exploration, (no talent or previous experience required)

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This program is not for you if you:

Are not ready for a deep dive at this time

Do not want to do the work to transform your life experience

Are not open to new ideas and ways of being

Do not want to step into a world beyond your ordinary 5 senses

Are not open to help from the Angelic realms

Do not feel comfortable hearing about Spirit Guides such as Mary Magdalene from their suppressed ancient teachings

Do not want to be held in prayer by me daily for the whole 9 months


  • 1 free private 60-minute Astrology Reading. (A $222 value)

  • Additional private readings during the 9 months can be scheduled at a 50% discount

  • Recordings of all 1-hour class sessions are yours to keep (You can have your camera on or off.)

  • I will stay on after class for 30 minutes for unrecorded personal shares. 

  • PDFs and Journal prompts

  • Access to the videos of the 3-day Facebook challenge: "3 Secrets to Living a Soul Led Life"

  • A video guided Meditation into the "Eye of the Heart" for your daily use.

  • Audio Reading of a powerful transmutational teaching

  • Email access to me during the 9 months. (I will Respond within 1 business day)

  • Private Facebook Group for deep sharing and connection with the other participants 

  • Link to unlisted playlist of Archangel class series, (16 - 1-hour classes)

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Quick Decision Bonus

Pay by October 14th and receive a graphic of your Pleiadian Earth Energies, (see example below) plus a recorded meditation to tap into the energies on the day of your birth. ($111 Value)

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Your Investment in Yourself



"I Hold the Light as You Open the Portal to Your Soul"



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Student Testimonials

Sandy Beach

"Mary Magdalene Shows You the Way to Liberation"

9 Program Picture.png

"Mary Magdalene Shows You the Way to Liberation"

Carrie Anderson, San Diego, CA

 "I had an amazing breakthrough because of the information provided by Renee on reclaiming my personal power. The thing that was the most transformational for me was the guided meditations as each one provided an opportunity to integrate the material covered in the class. The results I see are a new relationship with my heart, my higher self, and the challenges I face in everyday life."

Marissa H, Riverside, CA

"The information in class has given me more confidence to work with Mary Magdalene and with Jesus. Having this guidance helps me to be more gentle and compassionate with myself and with others. Thank you, Renee and all of my classmates for the wonderful instruction. I’m really looking forward to working with Renee again in her next master class!"


"Find Your Angel: Co-Creating with the Archangels"

Melody Long, Portland, OR

"I highly recommend Renee to someone who was interested in deepening their spiritual nature and is curious about how to work with energy. Renee has in incredibly big heart, holds integrity for herself and her clients, knows how to create a safe and sacred space and is very creative in her presentations and work with clients. She is totally dedicated to rising the vibration of this planet through working with clients as they seek to clear blocks and move into their life purpose and work."

What you receive for your Investment in Yourself

  • 18 classes small group classes live with me $3600 Value

  • Every class is recorded

  • Unrecorded Small Group Private Shares after class

  • 1 Free Private Astrology Reading $222 Value

  • Monthly Soul Work PDFs and Journal Prompts $111 Value

  • "3 Secrets to Living a Soul Led Life" Webinar recordings $97

  • Audio Reading of Transformational Teaching $97

  • "Eye of the Heart" Guided Meditation $97

  • Full Moon Releasing Ceremony Recording $97

  • Archangel Messages 16 classes $199

  • Private Facebook Group - priceless

  • Email access with Renee during the 9-months - priceless

  • Intimate class size - priceless

  • Program Worth Over $ 4520 USD

  • Plus, Access to Private Soulful Self Coaching at a 50% discount for class participants only

  • $197 PER Month For 9, MONTHS

  • IF YOU PAY UP FRONT total = $1757 USD - You receive 1 FREE one hour private session with Renee. (topic of your choice.)


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“I hold the light while you open the portal of your Soul”

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