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A Map for Your New Soulful Life

FREE Gift for You

I created "The Soul Portal Map" so that you can track where you are on your journey on a Soul level.

This helps you focus on your own Soul guidance instead of listening to advice from others at another stage of their journey. Others wisdom may not apply to you at this moment.

There is no hierarchy when dealing with Soul Time. "The Soul Portal Map" is not linear or achievement oriented. It is a circle representing the spirals we go through in our ever expanding awareness.

We can move through the cycles daily or monthly or yearly. It is helpful for us to know What stage of the Soul Guided Co-Creative process we are in. So that you know your next indicated step.

When you click this link, you receive a printed Map as well as a short video explaining how to use the Map. Check the description after the YouTube video. It invites you to view some unlisted "Messages from the Archanges" classes on my YouTube channel.

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